The requirement for structural and passive firestopping is an essential aspect of modern-day construction. Mitigating the potential risk in today’s world from fire has become more apparent and important in recent times than ever before and Maintain UK Commercial Ltd are dedicated to supplying firestopping products. As firestopping registered and competent tradesmen able to do this to a high standard, we aim to protect and preserve hospitals, schools, offices, residences, stores, public and private sector buildings from destruction in the event of a fire. Our firestopping works give the people that occupy and use these everyday spaces the time to evacuate safely.

We offer quality passive firestopping that is installed by competent staff. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results and provide and install compliant firestopping products to keep people safe. From a range of intumescent coating products to passive fire systems, such as service penetration firestopping to fire boarding and cavity barriers that can achieve any fire compartmentation requirements to ensure your building complies with modern building design regulations.